Child Computer Interaction, Human Computer Interaction, Technology for Education, Data Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Music Technology, Cloud Computing


Bachelor of Science (Hons) Software Engineering
August 2009
- First Class Honours
- University of Westminster, London, England (2005-2009)
- Thesis: ChordATune - An Emotion Based Melody Harmonizer

Professional Qualifications

Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology
August 2015

Honors & Awards

The Asia Pacific ICT Award Merit award – APICTA
2009 (Melbourn)
National Best Quality Software Awards (Bronze)
2009 (NBQSA)
Nominee from Sri Lanka for Asia Pacific ICT Awards - Melbourne Australia
2009 (BCS)
Academic Excellence Award (Third Place)
2009 (Sri Lanka)
WSO2 Most Outstanding Contribution Award
2012 (WSO2)
National Best Quality Software Awards - Best Startup Company Silver Award ('Kreyonic Interactive Surface’)
2012 (NBQSA)


Interactive Machine Learning for Incorporating User Emotions in Automatic Music Harmonization.
Proceeding of the 5th International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability (ICIAfS'10).  

ChordATune - An Emotion based Melody Harmonizer for Piano Music.
Proceedings of the The 2nd International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E'10) IIT Bombay, Mumbai.  


Latest Projects related to Child Computer Interaction



Modular Platform of Programmable Electronic Blocks that encourages children in public school and high-school to experiment with smart structures using an easy to learn, graphical interface.


Qboo - Interactive Plush toys

Set of farm animals from the magical farm land far far away, made of fabric (plush toys), and they come bundled with an interactive educational tablet application.
Children can place toys on the tablet screen and the application presents a variety of creative activities based on the type of toy.



An Interactive Educational Gaming Platform for KIDS.
Leamo helps children develop, language, innovative thinking, interactive intelligence, creative thinking skills, psychomotor skills and reactive skills. Leamo runs on your Smartphone/Tablet and easily connects to your Television set or Computer Monitor.

Work Experience

WSO2 (PVT) Ltd
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)    April 2014 – Present
Associate Technical Lead
WSO2 Cloud - Application and API design, management, and hosting PaaS from the leading open-source software provider WSO2.
  • Architecting/Designing of core functionalities of WSO2 cloud
  • Providing technical leadership/guidance to the team
  • Representing WSO2’s engineering team at numerous local/global customer engagements as a WSO2 Consultant (Providing on-site technical consultancy)
  • Designing/Implementing/Deploying services to WSO2 Cloud
Kreynonic Inc
(Waterloo, Canada)    Sep 2013 – Present
Co Founder - Chief Technology Officer
  • Led technical development and planing for STEAMBlocks, Leamo and Qboo, interactive educational tools for children and young adults
  • Co-invented STEAMBlocks and Smart Plush Toys and led the provisional patent application process
WSO2 (PVT) Ltd
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)    April 2012 – April 2014
Senior Software Engineer
WSO2 Stratos - WSO2 Stratos was the open PaaS operated by WSO2. It is powered by the multi-tenant WSO2 Stratos cloud middleware platform and shares a common code base with the award-winning WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform, which was later donated to Apache Software Foundation
  • Design, develop multi-tenant distributed logging platform for Stratos
  • Design and develop and test software for distributed platforms
  • Providing on-site technical consultancy at numerous well-known local/global organizations with development support
  • Speaker at wso2 conferences and workshops
WSO2 (PVT) Ltd
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)    March 2010 – April 2012
Software Engineer
SO2 Data Services Server augments Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) development efforts by providing an easy to use platform for integrating data stores, creating composite data views, and hosting data services.
  • Design, develop RDF data source support for wso2 data service server
  • Improving the usability of wso2 data services server with auto generate features with better User Experience
  • Represent wso2 data services in various global customer engagements, with onsite consultancies
  • Working as a release manager covering all product release related aspect such as keeping the product build stable, JIRA/Redmine management, Release artifact deployment
Virtusa (PVT) Ltd
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)    August 2010 – Feb 2012
Software Engineer
Revamp the BT (British Telecom) Openreach Portal to allow Communication providers and Portal visitors to access key information in a useful and efficient manner (by the use of an Information Architecture).

Virtusa (PVT) Ltd
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)    August 2007 – August 2008
Trainee Software Engineer
Project EAG (RADAR) - Data warehousing Engineer Skills applied - Data warehousing, Unified Dimension Modelings, DTS, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, MDX, XMLA.
  • Migrating Data warehouse from DTS to SSIS
  • Redesign Data warehouse
  • Performance Enhancements on Cubes
  • Data optimization in RADAR data warehouse

Presentations and Invited Talks

Speaker at WSO2Con - Reducing the Operations Burden and Increasing QoS; WSO2 Platform Management and Administration Tactics (Sri Lanka)
Speaker at WSO2Con - Hosting Web Applications and Web Services with WSO2 Application Server (Sri Lanka)
Presenter (Trainer) - One week training conducted for a US based fortune 500 company on WSO2 Product platform (USA)
Presenter - WSO2: PaaS Workshop in São Paulo (Brazil)

Supervised Projects

Semi-autonomous tele-robotics framework for resource constrained systems - Institute of Infomatics Technology Sri Lanka In Collaboration with University Of Westminster (UK) - by Ms.S. N. W. Meegahathenna
Clinical Preschooler Depression Bio Meter (CPDBM) - Institute of Infomatics Technology Sri Lanka In Collaboration with University Of Westminster (UK) - by Ms.G. B. Y. Perera
Real time human breathing pattern analysis for sleeping disorders (Sleep Apnoea) - Institute of Infomatics Technology Sri Lanka In Collaboration with University Of Westminster (UK) - by Mr.A. D. Kumara
Remote Demonstrations - Interactive whiteboard -Institute of Infomatics Technology Sri Lanka In Collaboration with University Of Westminster (UK) - by Mr.Kanishka Gunasekera
Dyslexia Tutor -Institute of Infomatics Technology Sri Lanka In Collaboration with University Of Westminster (UK) - by Ms.Vichithra Samarawikrama
Facial Skin Analyzer - Institute of Infomatics Technology Sri Lanka In Collaboration with University Of Westminster (UK) - by MS. Shaima Fouz
Process Management System (PMS) for Product Development Center (PDC) in Silueta (Pvt) Ltd. - Information Technology – University of Colombo - by Mr.Kasun Disanayake